Happy Anniversary

What's new in Pussy Womens Manny Ramirez Jersey Riot News? Nothing. What a shame.

This is an anniversary of sorts. It was over a year ago, on February 21 that the Russian art activists known as Pussy Riot stunned their Motherland with a midnight punk concert in Russia's most sacred cathedral. It was nearly a year ago, March 3, 2012, that Pussy Riot was arrested for the crime of hooliganism. In America, all teenagers are pranking hooligans. In Russia, hooliganism is treated as Authentic Chris Harris Jr Jersey state treason, without a notion of youthful frivolity.

Today, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Mariya Alyokhina count their minutes in separate prisons, both in harsh living conditions. They Ronnie Hillman Jersey are fulfilling a two year sentence for artistic expression. There is little chance they will be blessed with any time off.

Most recently, Mariya Alyokhina was denied a suspended sentence despite having a very young son. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova will be attempting a similar request Chris Harris Jr Jersey in the near future. Good luck. It is a lovely but futile gesture.

Recent government actions seem to indicate that the Womens Ronnie Hillman Jersey Russian Motherland hates Motherhood. Not allowing Americans to adopt Russian orphans and denying Pussy Riot their true maternal responsibilities, the Russian government doesn't seem to mind punishing the kids first.

At the time of this Anniversary, we Americans might take a moment to celebrate our artistic liberties. To create. To exhibit. To speak. How Authentic Ronnie Hillman Jersey lucky we are. A lot of solid thinking went into these rights and freedoms. It is a shame when government can be used to punish five wild girls singing a song that might lambast the President.

The mission of Pussy Riot Vodka is to keep the Pussy Riot plight in our mind's eye and in our media's attention. Upon the arrest, the greatest artists in the world shouted their support for the Russian collective. You don't hear much anymore. Going to jail is glamorous. Sitting in jail just isn't newsworthy. And today, life is grim for the two Russian artists. Their actions would warrant something less than a misdemeanor Womens Chris Harris Jr Jersey in the United States.

What are we doing about it? Fellow artist Michael Delgado and I have created a piece in honor of Pussy Riot. We want to help keep the fire burning and their story alive. We have used satire and our Authentic Manny Ramirez Jerseypop culture to manufacture the world of Pussy Riot Vodka. The humorous creation story was detailed in Part Manny Ramirez Jersey One of this article here. So far, the project has been a viral success. The vodka looks so real; it has caused a few scandals that we will tell you about. Over the next two years, we will be creating content and sharing it with you. Enjoy the show. We will never forget Pussy Riot! Have a Putini!

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