Happy Anniversary

What's new in Pussy Womens Manny Ramirez Jersey Riot News? Nothing. What a shame.

This is an anniversary of sorts. It was over a year ago, on February 21 that the Russian art activists known as Pussy Riot stunned their Motherland with a midnight punk concert in Russia's most sacred cathedral. It was nearly a year ago, March 3, 2012, that Pussy Riot was arrested for the crime of hooliganism. In America, all teenagers are pranking hooligans. In Russia, hooliganism is treated as Authentic Chris Harris Jr Jersey state treason, without a notion of youthful frivolity.

Today, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Mariya Alyokhina count their minutes in separate prisons, both in harsh living conditions. They Ronnie Hillman Jersey are fulfilling a two year sentence for artistic expression. There is little chance they will be blessed with any time off.

Most recently, Mariya Alyokhina was denied a suspended sentence despite having a very young son. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova will be attempting a similar request Chris Harris Jr Jersey in the near future. Good luck. It is a lovely but futile gesture.

Recent government actions seem to indicate that the Womens Ronnie Hillman Jersey Russian Motherland hates Motherhood. Not allowing Americans to adopt Russian orphans and denying Pussy Riot their true maternal responsibilities, the Russian government doesn't seem to mind punishing the kids first.

At the time of this Anniversary, we Americans might take a moment to celebrate our artistic liberties. To create. To exhibit. To speak. How Authentic Ronnie Hillman Jersey lucky we are. A lot of solid thinking went into these rights and freedoms. It is a shame when government can be used to punish five wild girls singing a song that might lambast the President.

The mission of Pussy Riot Vodka is to keep the Pussy Riot plight in our mind's eye and in our media's attention. Upon the arrest, the greatest artists in the world shouted their support for the Russian collective. You don't hear much anymore. Going to jail is glamorous. Sitting in jail just isn't newsworthy. And today, life is grim for the two Russian artists. Their actions would warrant something less than a misdemeanor Womens Chris Harris Jr Jersey in the United States.

What are we doing about it? Fellow artist Michael Delgado and I have created a piece in honor of Pussy Riot. We want to help keep the fire burning and their story alive. We have used satire and our Authentic Manny Ramirez Jerseypop culture to manufacture the world of Pussy Riot Vodka. The humorous creation story was detailed in Part Manny Ramirez Jersey One of this article here. So far, the project has been a viral success. The vodka looks so real; it has caused a few scandals that we will tell you about. Over the next two years, we will be creating content and sharing it with you. Enjoy the show. We will never forget Pussy Riot! Have a Putini!

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Florida Virtual School lays off hundreds as enrollment plummets

Metzger, who lives in Tampa, had taught biology at Florida Virtual School since April. He had never spoken to this woman before, who was calling from Lakeland. She said the online education giant no longer had the funding to support his position.

Florida Virtual School told this to 625 part time teachers in the past few weeks. On Monday, they read the script to 177 full time teachers. It was the first round of layoffs in the 16 year history of the school, which offers online courses to hundreds of thousands of students seeking to catch up or accelerate their learning at regular K 12 schools.

"There are many reasons why our enrollments may be impacted," said Tania Clow, an FLVS spokeswoman. "At this time we do not have statistical or anecdotal data to explain the decline."

But FLVS, the state's Education Department and others have pointed to changes Wholesale Jerseys made last session by the Florida Legislature. Under the previous funding formula, a brick and mortar school would receive a set amount of funding for each student. If a student took additional courses at FLVS, the state would provide additional funding to the virtual school for each credit.

Now, a student's "set amount" must be spread between the student's home school and the online school, meaning the brick and mortar school and FLVS both get less money for each student who takes an online class.

State Rep. Erik Fresen, R Miami and chairman of the House Education Appropriations Subcommittee, said the state was giving FLVS and other online providers more than their share of education dollars under the old funding formula. He dismissed the idea that school districts would discourage students from taking online classes.

"Nothing in the recalibrated formula leads to a financial condition where districts need to reject kids from going into virtual," Fresen told the Times/Herald last month. He did not return calls seeking comment.

No one at the Florida Department of Education is looking into the enrollment drop, department spokeswoman Cheryl Etters said. "It seems apparently related to the legislative change with funding. And there are lots of choice options now. There are districts offering virtual schools. There are virtual charter schools."

JoAnne Glenn, the principal of Pasco County schools' virtual "eSchool," said the legislation has prompted her district to consider more deeply which students should sign up NFL Jerseys 2015 for FLVS.

"There has definitely been an increased focus on making sure, No. 1, we are recommending students for virtual instruction who are likely to complete the courses successfully," Glenn said.

Pinellas County School Board Chairwoman Carol Cook said she was surprised by the enrollment drop and was not aware of any efforts to discourage students from signing up for FLVS.

Pinellas, like Pasco, runs its own virtual school staffed by local teachers. Last year, it enrolled 279 full time students, and 167 part time students.

The Hillsborough County public school system also runs its own online course program and is in the process of "begrudgingly" approving a virtual charter school, said School Board member Candy Olson.

"I'm not surprised," she said, referring to the steep enrollment drop at FLVS. "I think virtual schools offer a lot of opportunities but maybe not as many as people thought."

Olson said she believed that online classes made it easy for students to cheat, and she was skeptical of some course offerings, such as physical education.

Students sign up for FLVS for a variety of reasons. While some are seeking to make up a class, others are looking to accelerate into a more advanced course. Some students turn to online coursework because they are traveling or ill.

The layoffs of 625 part time teachers leaves a staff of 36. Full time teachers were less affected, with 1,231 instructors and instructional support staff keeping their jobs.

Metzger, who was writing his dissertation when he got the phone call, said he would be fine. A former teacher in Lee and Orange counties, he said he was worried about his 50 biology students.

He had been teaching some of them for several months. They sent him frantic emails asking what was going on.

"It's sort of like someone walking into your classroom and saying, 'You're out,' then taking your students and dumping them into Cheap NFL Jerseys a huge class," he said.By the numbers

Florida Virtual School

206,000: Number of students who took classes with FLVS in 2012 13.

125: Number of courses offered, including Advanced Placement.

74: Percentage of FLVS part time students passing the state Algebra 1 exam in 2012, compared to the statewide public school average of 59 percent.

51: Percentage growth in the FLVS budget over the last five years.

2: Number of name Cheap Jerseys changes for Florida Virtual School. Started in 1997 as Florida High School and became Florida Online High School in 2000. Changed to the current name in 2001.

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